How to Add or Remove a Payment Method on your iPhone and/or iPad

4/23/2020 by, I M Your Tech Guy

These days, time can be very frustrating especially when you cannot do any purchases on your iPhone or iPad. Since this is a problem Apple Advisors deal with daily, especially when the customer does not know what to do when they cannot do any purchases. I will be taking you through steps on how to edit, add, or remove your Payment Method on your IOS Devices.

First and foremost, make sure you are not getting this message when trying to purchase or make an in-app purchase, “Your iTunes and App Store Has Been Disabled”. If you have been receiving this message as a pop-up on your device screen, then you would have to call Apple customer service, since they are the only ones who can fix this problem.

Also, make sure you do not have any subscriptions that are not currently active, if you do, then you will not be able to change your payment method.

Once these steps are clear, you can start from your Home Screen and go to Settings.

From Settings, lets go to iTunes & App Store

From iTunes & App Store, you would then head to Apple iD at the top of the next screen

After you tap on Apple iD a pop-up will show with several options. Go ahead and click on View Apple iD

You should now be at the Account Settings Page

Within the Account Settings, you should be able to see Manage Payments

After you tap on Manage Payments, you will see the Payment Method you have connected to your Apple iD

By clicking on the arrow next to your Payment Method, you can see the details about your Payment Method, also, you can delete and edit your Billing Information.

If you tap on Edit, you will then see this page. If you have more than 1 Payment Method, you can also re-arrange to the Payment Method to the current one.

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