What to do if you have online banking and how to see all your purchases from your online transaction

4/22/2020 by, I M Your Tech Guy

So, there are times when your dad, mother, or even your older family members that are not computer savvy or are very cautious when dealing with online purchases. They either will not do those online purchases or will ask someone whether their family members or friends can make those purchases for them.

In today’s modern society, online banking vs traditional banking has taken to the favor of online banking, all because of the need for online services and support. Though the traditional banking model deals with having a brick and mortar location, being able to facilitate walk-in even drive-in customers, also, having some personal one-to-one interaction with a banker about your account.

With the model of the online banking, the only thing that is missing is the traditional brick-and-mortar and not having to see a friendly face behind a window. With online banking, your personal data will be encrypted and be given a digital key from the point of an atm or your smartphone or pc going to the financial institute you have an online account with. I am not going into further details about this type of transaction, just for the safety, of customers and the banking community.

To summarize the point between having a traditional bank account and having online banking, is always determined by who would want to utilize a service which would be available almost 24hrs, of course, the 24hrs depends on who you’re banking with.

Alright, to the nitty gritty, if you would like to see all transactions coming from your debit or credit card account, you would need to setup an online banking profile with the financial institute you have that checking or credit card account with. Online banking is a service which has been around since the 80sm but has not been mainstream until the early 2000s.

In order to connect your purchases to your email, you would have to configure from within your online banking app, an email address you either personally use or maybe another email address you would want to use for all your purchases.

After connecting an email address with your online banking information, you would then have all your purchases, while using the card you have connected, to see all the pending and active transactions listed off in your email, at least the important ones.

Here is a funny story. One day, while on a call with a customer about their purchases, I asked the customer if they ever connected their email address to their financial institute? The customer responded, "I don't know, with a lot of the online spamming and hackers stealing my info, I don't feel safe using my information on the web. I also agreed with the customer, then I asked, "do you or anyone in your household ever go to a website you just heard about before doing that transaction?", the customer replied, " I haven't thought about it that way, (pertaining to the anonymous website where they bought something online), understanding the customers concerns, I then reassured to the customer the only way a hacker can steal your information is if they personally or willingly sent you a phishing (a word document or a pdf file to click on to grab someone’s personal information) email. The funny thing is, in the present world that we live in there is a new form of security and privacy many companies use for customer information validation, and the new level of security is two-factor and biometrics.

Two-factor is when your either logging into your iPhone or android phone or even logging into your personal data, two-factor would then send a 6-8 digit secret code either sent to your phone's messages or even a pop-up, then, using biometric with either your face or fingerprint, you would then be logged into your personal information and or membership or service.






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